Chiropractic Tips to Prevent Injury While Gardening This Spring

With the nicer weather here, many have started cleaning up their yards and even planting. Some steps you can take to avoid potential back injury while working in your yard this spring are:

spring gardening chiropractic care

Stretching: Before you head outside take some time to stretch your arms, legs, neck and back. This will help your body prepare for something you don’t actively participate in every day.

Warming Up: Warming up your muscles before you dig in can help keep stiffness away and help you avoid potential injuries from digging, lifting and carrying heavy items.

Pace Yourself. Sudden movements can leave you in pain. Take your time and assess what you’re getting ready to pick up or move. If the item is too heavy or large then ask for help. Otherwise, take your time when removing the item. Lift with your legs, arms and back as one unit. 

Rest. A small yard can take several days to clean up, prep and plant in preparation for springtime.

Stay hydrated. You may not be sweating much but you still need hydration. Dehydrated muscles are much more likely to encounter injury.