Chiropractic & Running

While chiropractic treatment can help with pain and injuries, its biggest advantage to runners and athletes is preventive care.

Many runners, athletes and non-athletes may ask – why go for chiropractic treatment when there is no pain to treat? It’s much easier to maintain good health and prevent injury than to treat somebody already in pain.

The danger with running injuries is that they are likely to be caused by repetitive stress and alignment problems that take time to develop, and an even longer time for the pain to start. If our bodies were designed with perfect running preventionalignment, then we would be able to cope with the regular stress running delivers. However, very few of us do have perfect alignment, and in many cases those with flat feet or high arches are at risk to extra cumulative stress to the body.

In preventive cases, a chiropractor can give a good overall evaluation, teaching the patient how to prevent injuries and maintain good alignment – thereby reducing the chance of injury. For those looking for preventive treatment, we can help assess and evaluate your condition by testing for strength imbalances and an analysis of your posture.

If you are already suffering from a running injury chiropractic is a great non-drug alternative to helping you get rid of pain while working towards correcting the problem and improving your running form.  If you are in pain or just don’t feel your best most days, call us to make an appointment or to see how we can help.