Examining Effects of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Physical Performance-

  • A single exposure to whole body cryotherapy greatly reduces inflammation after extensive exercise or activity and helps speed up recovery time and reduces muscle damage.
  • A single whole body cryotherapy (WBC) session before exercise seemed to increase antioxidants and anti-inflammatory markers when compared with control.
  • WBC caused a decrease in bad interleukins and a rise in good interleukins. With this, blood flow is pushed away from muscles to result in less muscle damage and faster recovery.
  • Norepinephrine is the only hormone that responded positively to WBC and may play a role in pain relief.

Medical Conditions-

  • A study confirms that patients with rheumatoid arthritis received less pain from using whole body cryotherapy compared to typical cold or ice treatments.
  • The effects were positive for multiple sclerosis patients by reducing the total antioxidative state better than exercise alone.
  • WBC is widely used to reduce pain for people with degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases and fibromyalgia.  
  • It is suspected that the pain relief associated with WBC had positive effects on those suffering from depression and anxiety disorders.

Lung & Cardiac Function-

  • WBC does not affect blood pressure nor does it impair cardiac function
  • There are no reported harmful effects of lung function in normal individuals and only minimal effects to asthmatics which revert quickly after treatment. When exposed to WBC, asthmatics had minor bronchoconstriction for 30 minutes to 2 hours after treatment. This is prevented with a paper mask during WBC.


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