Worst Sleeping Positions for Neck Pain

Is sleep a pain in your neck? Tweaks to your sleeping posture could make a big difference in reducing your back and neck pain. Avoiding the following sleeping positions can help improve your sleep quality and relieve pain.

Sleeping On Your Back:  How many times have you laid down just to close your eyes for a minute, then woken up two hours later with lower back pain? Sleeping on your back can be the go-to quick nap position, but this position can cause your lower back to arch, increasing pressure on your spine. If sleeping on your back is your position of choice, reduce the amount of strain placed on your spine by keeping your knees bent upwards slightly. Place a few pillows underneath your knees to support your legs throughout the night.

Sleeping On Your Stomach:  Sleeping on your stomach may be one of the most strenuous positions for your body. This position prevents your spine from lying neutrally, places pressure on the joints and strains your neck. It can be difficult to part with your go-to sleeping position. If you can’t imagine sleeping in any other position, try placing a few pillows under your stomach. This extra cushioning allows your spine to rest in its natural position and relieves the stress placed on your neck.

Sleeping On Your Side:  Sleeping on your side can help maintain the natural curve of your spine. However, the misalignment of your hips, and the positioning of your neck can lead to back and neck pain. Try placing a pillow between your knees, and one under your neck. This added comfort will improve alignment in your hips and help support the natural curve of your neck.


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