Fad Diets vs Holistic Health for Weight Loss in the New Year

Now that the New Year has arrived, many (if not all of us) have made resolutions to lose weight and get in shape this year. Often times throughout the beginning of the year, we will encounter numerous commercials or ads aimed at helping us lose weight. Unfortunately, the majority of these ads make unrealistic claims in regards to how much weight they can help you lose in a short period of time.

Measuring Weight LossWhile most of these companies claim to have a quick fix to our weight problems, they often fail to mention the detriment to your health by using these extreme methods of losing weight. Some fad diets you may have heard of include: The Cabbage Soup Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, Intermittent Fasting, or The Paleo Diet. Fad diets are to be avoided at all costs because of the following potential problems for your health*:

  • Poor long term weight control
  • Increased risk of kidney stones
  • Chronic disease such as heart disease or high blood pressure
  • Reduced athletic performance.
  • Ketosis

What we really are losing by buying into these quick fix ideas is not weight, but our holistic health.

Here at Berman Chiropractic & Wellness, we urge you to make lifestyle changes that will benefit you in the long term instead of a quick fix that can hurt your total body health. Through our Weight Loss Program we offer the tools and health supplements you need to achieve your goals as well as maintain a lifestyle that is convenient for you.

Have you tried any crazy fad diets? Tell us your stories!

* University of Pittsburgh Medical Center