Chiropractic Treatments for Sinus Issues

It’s the middle of February, but with the way the seasons change around here spring could be right around the corner. We all know what spring means — it’s allergy season. Allergies touch many people in the U.S. and nearly 37 million Americans experience sinus related allergy issues.

Tissues for AllergiesWhile many of these sinus issues go away after a maximum of 4 weeks, some sinus issues can be recurrent. Many doctors recommend getting a checkup in the spring to determine if these issues are potentially a sign of a more serious sinus issue. Regardless of the severity of your sinus issue, there are always alternate methods of cure available beyond the simple decongestants.

One of the alternate methods to help sinus issues is Chiropractic work. This method has gained a lot of positive attention lately and has dramatically helped the lives of those suffering from chronic sinus issues. Treatments are relatively simple for sinus issues. They require a few checkups with your chiropractor in order to best address the issue at hand.

During these visits your Chiropractor will address which area of your sinus system is giving you the most trouble and apply pressure to the area. This procedure of realignment has proven extremely effective. Typically during the procedure you will experience popping on the area being pressed on. These are normal reactions to the sinus realignment and shouldn’t be the cause for any concern.

Numerous patients have been helped by sinus realignment so call today to schedule a consultation at Berman Chiropractic and Wellness in St Louis.