Benefits of Massage Therapy

In recent years, studies have found that therapeutic massages are much more than just a relaxing activity you do to spoil yourself every once in a while. There are actually many benefits to both your physical and emotional health.

Massage Therapy

  1. They reduce cortisol – Massages have been found to reduce cortisol levels (a hormone related to stress.) Lowering cortisol levels helps reduce your anxiety and blood pressure. High cortisol levels also prevent your immune system from working at its best, so reducing these levels can help keep you feeling better for longer.
  2. They can reduce headaches and migraines – Massage therapy alleviates many of the causes of these head pains by: promoting better circulation, relaxing muscles, and regulating hormones. Massage therapy can actually decrease how often and how long your headaches and migraines last.
  3. They’re great for your muscles – Massages increase blood flow to your muscles, which reduces soreness, tightness, and prevents spasms. Increasing blood flow also helps promote muscle healing after an injury.
  4. They help you sleep – Getting enough quality sleep is very important and has many health benefits. Massages can help reduce your stress level, which makes it much easier to fall asleep. They have also been linked to increased Delta waves, which promote deeper, more refreshing sleep.
  5. They release “feel-good hormones” – Massages boost serotonin and dopamine levels which can lower your heart rate, block pain receptors, and give you a slightly euphoric and calm feeling. This, paired with lowering your cortisol level can help you wake up happy and ready for the day.

While there are many benefits to massage therapy, getting the best results means going to a professional. Berman Chiropractors offer professional massage therapy you can count on. Contact us for more information and to schedule a massage therapy appointment today.