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Neck Pain Chiropractic Reviews

Deb Southworth, Long-Term Neck Pain
"My first visit to your office in mid February 2010 was for an evaluation of my chronic neck problems. I have been dealing with this pain since my mid twenties and I am now 64. What really caught my attention was your ability to perform DTS spinal decompression.

quote1After evaluating my x-rays, you came up with a program that includes spinal decompression, adjustments, and therapy exercises. We initially started with a more aggressive approach with two weekly decompress ions and one therapy session, along with adjustments. Additionally, you gave me stretches to do at home for my neck and shoulders. My immediate results were positive and my pain reduced. I had a few setbacks which were the result of many hours of yard work, including mulching, and planting. However, I got through this with your help and expertise and I am again headed in the right direction.

Today the office program is alternating the therapy/stretching and the spinal decompression weekly; one week we do the therapy/stretching, the next week the spinal decompression, along with an adjustment with each visit. I continue to improve with renewed range of motion, less pain, and quality of life. I use the TENS electrical stimulation home unit on a weekly basis, when needed, along with the home posture pump unit and these two devices help manage my pain.

I understand that the recovery period for a 40 year chronic problem like this takes time and patience. I want you to know that I am grateful that I found your practice and a natural way to help ease/manage my pain. I am sleeping better, exercising more with reduced pain, and generally in a much better place both emotionally and mentally."

LaLana Island, Long-Term Neck Pain
"Years ago while on a float trip, I injured my neck. I hadn't really thought much about that because the pain eventually went away and well, I was 18 years younger. I began experiencing severe headaches that increased in frequency and strength; sometimes to the point I couldn't get out of bed, and I didn't know why. My primary physician suggested pain-killers and had no idea why I was having headaches.

quote2While working in Clayton, someone mentioned Dr. Berman and I decided to give him a call. I wasn't sure what a chiropractor could do for a headache, but I knew I was tired of taking OTC pain relievers all the time, didn't want to do the pain-killer route and figured there had to be something better. I was a little skeptical and wanted to see what he said when he reviewed the x-rays. He immediately looked at them, pointed to a spot in my neck and asked, "What trauma did you receive on your neck?" Not putting the two together because it had happened 18 years ago, I couldn't think of anything; then it dawned on me, the float trip. Amazing! He was able to pin point the source immediately. He took the time to explain the situation and come up with a plan to get me back on track.

On the day of my first treatment, I again was suffering from a headache and even thought about canceling the appointment because I just felt terrible. I didn't cancel and that was the second best decision of my life; the first being making that call to his office. He made the necessary adjustments and sent me home with a neck posture pump and an electrical stimulation unit. The headache was gone immediately and while backing out of his parking lot, I was actually able to turn my head (instead of my whole body) to look for other cars. I hadn't even realized I couldn't look to my left of right. That was about 3 years ago.

I still see Dr. Berman for treatments and tell everyone I see about how great he and his staff are. He has helped me in so many ways get back to what I love to do without the pain."

Google Review, Long-Term Neck Pain
"Incredible! I've had neck problems for years and had resigned myself to living with it, but I saw Dr. Berman through a deal on Groupon and with one adjustment he changed my mind. I immediately could breathe better, maintain better posture, and my energy increased dramatically. It's been nearly two weeks and with just two adjustments I've seen amazing improvements already. Not to mention that Dr. Berman and all the staff are very welcoming and friendly. A wonderful place!"
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Back Pain Chiropractic Reviews

Matthew Lebon, Lower Back Pain
"I saw Dr. Berman for low back pain. I can't say enough about how thorough and positive my experience was. I've been to numerous Chiropractors over the years and they all seem to be in a hurry-- moving me in, adjusting me, and moving me out as soon as possible. This is nothing like my experience with Dr. Berman. He allowed me to utilize every treatment modality (machines) without any sort of pressure to make room for awaiting customers. I should also mention how financially accommodating Dr. Berman was-- which made it possible for me to see him frequently. His support staff was also super kind. Thank you Dr. Berman and staff!"

Google Review, Lower Back Pain
"The Massages are AWESOME! I was referred in 2010 by my OB Doctor to see Dr. Berman since I have been experiencing for years lower back problems from taking care of my Father who had ALS and being on my feet with work. With several visits a week on the DTS Spinal Decompression machine and a weekly massage my pain is GONE! I do continue to see Dr. Berman once a week or every other week to keep the pain away! Also, I can't get enough of the Massages. Thank you Dr. Berman and your staff for helping me feel better!"

Google Review, Lower Back Pain  quote3
"I have been seeing Dr. Berman for about a year and a half. He is amazing! I was having severe chronic lower back pain due to overuse that was not responding to cortisone injections. I had a terrible flare-up at work one day and called all the chiropractors in the area. Dr. Berman was the only one who called me back and was able to see me that day. After sending me for x-rays and explaining what was going on with my spine he did an adjustment and the pain was gone instantly. I still see him once a month for maintenance and the pain has not returned. As a massage therapist I recommend him to all my clients. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic care. Thanks for everything."
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Auto Injury Chiropractic Reviews

Google Review, Auto Injury
"Since being in two car accidents and having regular and extreme tension headaches, I have been seeing Dr. Berman for over five years. He is always available and my pain has subsided. Although I don't see him as regularly now, I do when I have flare ups. He always helps to improve my condition. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic services. He's been great!"

Google Review, Auto Injury
"I was in a car accident and the insurance company was being a pain, but Dr. Berman was so nice and willing to work with me while I figured out the mess with the insurance! His friendliness and willing to work with me, was such a relief compared to the nightmare with the darn insurance company! The whole office is really welcoming and friendly. Between adjustments and massages (which were amazing!!!), I was quick on my way to recovery within just a month (my injury wasn't too serious, thankfully)! I'm so glad I found his office. Hopefully I won't have another back injury, but if I do, I will definitely be going back to him!"
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Various Pain Chiropractic Reviews

Stephanie Diestelkamp, Neck, Shoulder, and Hip Pain
"Dear. Dr. Berman:

I came to see you because I wanted to know what all the 'fuss' was about chiropractic care. I had heard great things about you and your office from multiple people at work so I thought I would give it a try. I have been absolutely thrilled with the results.

You have returned the range of motion that I was missing in my neck and along with that you resolved the pain I was experiencing. Eydie and Christine have played a vital role in that as I hold most of my tension in my neck and shoulders. Your combine efforts are a resounding success and I sincerely thank you for that relief!
I also asked you about my hip. I figured why not, no one else had been able to solve that issue. Again, we have resounding success. I do not have to tell you that on Tuesday this week I could feel it acting up and knew I was going to have an issue if I didn't so something fast. My first thought was to call your office, but upon reflection I remembered your suggestions for posture correction. I sat up all day, engaged my stomach muscles to help support my torso, and kept both feet on the floor when I was sitting, and for the first time ever; I reversed the issue on my own. Again, thank you!

This is not to say you are done seeing me - I will continue to come in for regular adjustments and checkups and for anything I manage to mess up. Between your hard work and the hard work of your colleagues there at the office, along with your advice I feel completely in control of my body for the first time in way too many years.

Thank you so much for the attention to details, education and care that you give me! Please pass my thanks along to everyone at the office; it has been a really enlightening and fun experience."

Google Review, Back, Shoulder, and Joint Pain
"This establishment is GREAT at what it does. Furthermore, Dr. Berman works with his patients to create affordable care that makes it possible to maintain your best health. Their knowledge of the spine and body is fabulous and has lead to significantly reduced chronic pain in my lower back, shoulders, jaw, thumbs, and other joints. I highly recommend Berman Chiropractic and Wellness!"

Google Review, Neck and Shoulder Pain
"All throughout college, I had terrible neck pain and had difficulty sleeping because of it. Not wanting to only medicate the problem, I sought Dr. Berman for care. Just after a few weeks of adjustments, I could tell a major difference! I can now sleep comfortably and the tension in my neck and shoulders has decreased significantly. Not to mention much help from Christine, one of the massage therapists. She is fantastic and I wouldn't go anywhere else for a massage. Thanks for all your care."

Google Review, Back Pain and Migraines
"Dr. Berman and his staff have helped me tremendously with the tightness in my back and also to prevent my chronic migraine headaches! They have also done an amazing job catering to my need for later appointments with my long work hours. They have gone above and beyond to give great care and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!"
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Overall Wellness Chiropractic Reviews

Google Review, Overall Wellness Care
"OUTSTANDING CARE by Dr. Berman! I can't say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Berman and his staff. They really work with you to get relief. Christine, massage therapist, was an excellent addition to my treatment. She is really talented. Dr. Berman is very friendly, easy to talk to, and a talented chiropractor. I highly recommend Dr. Berman, if you want to return to good back health."

Google Review, Overall Wellness Care
"Dr. Berman is fantastic. Easily the best chiropractic experience I have had, and also got great deep tissue massages each visit all at a very reasonable cost (and also took care of everything on the insurance end!). If he is good enough for all the biggest STL sports stars, he is good enough for me - thanks Dr. Berman!"
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