Pro Sports Care Certified Chiropractors

Both Dr. Berman and Dr. Conner are certified in Professional Sports Care (PSC). This chiropractic sports medicine organization was founded to provide top quality chiropractic care to professional golfers and golf programs. PSC has established a long standing relationship with the PGA tour to ensure golfers receive the best chiropractic care possible.

Golfers’ bodies can become strained due to the physical demands placed on them during a season, including:

  • Repetitive twisting at the same angle
  • Walking long distances multiple times a week, often over hills
  • Traveling frequently in planes and motor homes
  • Sleeping in different beds with inconsistent support
  • Struggling to find healthy eating options on the road

PSC certified chiropractors are experienced in working with golfers who are suffering from the strains caused by long seasons and frequent tournaments and are familiar with the best treatments for these conditions.

As members of PSC, Dr. Berman and Dr. Conner are licensed and certified in the most advanced techniques of evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation, secured with malpractice insurance, and have the highest levels of sports chiropractic experience. Athletes treated at Berman Chiropractic receive the advanced quality sports care that is crucial to their performance, given by chiropractors who possess the experience and understanding to efficiently evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate their conditions.

If you are suffering due to strain from sports activities, Contact Our Chiropractors to make an appointment.