Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program & Nutritional Products

Would you or someone you know like to lose unwanted pounds and extra inches? We are now offering a natural, healthy, doctor-supervised weight loss program that can help you lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days. Under the supervision of Dr. Berman, we work with our clients to create an individual weight loss program, which is easy to follow without excessive hunger. Health and weight loss are important to not only you, but your family. Those extra pounds today are health problems tomorrow, so make sure to call today to get started.

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Weight Loss Success Stories

Mike lost 30 pounds in 25 days

"I could not believe how good I felt after the first week. I realized my body was changing starting even on day one as it began getting out all the bad things I had put into it over the years. Following the diet was a breeze. Any worries I had about low levels of energy or hunger never happened, and now after losing 30 pounds in 25 days, I feel better than ever." -Mike S. *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Lizzie lost 15 pounds in 18 days

"I can't believe how easy it was to lose 15 pounds in 2 ½ weeks! I was skeptical because I like to eat a lot and I have a large appetite, but I was NOT hungry on this weight loss plan! I have followed Weight Watchers on and off throughout most of my adult life, but I was eager to shed the rest of my 'baby weight' and I didn't have the patience to only lose ½ lb-1 lb a week. If Dr. Berman's weight loss plan worked for me then it WILL work for you too!" -Lizzie B. *Disclaimer: Results may vary

Nutritional Products Available in the Berman Chiropractic & Wellness Weight Loss Program

We currently offer the following nutritional products, which are available as a part of our weight loss program:

  • Alkaline Water - Alkaline water is a natural way to help balance your body's tissue pH. With Alkaline pH water, like the type offered at our office, you get the purest forms of natural minerals, synergistically blended at highly effective doses for a healthier pH balance.